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                                                                                                         Your corporate sponsorship benefits a diverse group of victims that are impacted by domestic violence, bullying, sibling abuse, and elder abuse. Issues including: domestic violence towards men and members of the LGBT community along with factors, such as race and gender, impact service implications for victims. With your corporate sponsorship, we will spread awareness and educate through our programs, advocacy, and media campaigns regarding these groups of underserved victims. We are looking to assure that services will be available to every victim of domestic abuse.

Stop Abuse for Everyone is a non-profit tax exempt organization aiming to bring awareness to underserved victims of domestic violence, bullying, sibling abuse and elder abuse. SAFE aims to bring awareness through the use of educational endeavors including: informative brochures, educational videos, and community interaction – all of which provide information along with strategies that enable the victim to overcome difficult situations.

Become a corporate sponsor and help SAFE benefit underserved victims. Through community involvement, educational outreach, our National Directory of Services, and internship program, we are bringing awareness to underserved victims of violence. 

Thank you for partnering with SAFE and becoming part of the movement to stop abuse for everyone.

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