This is a collection of essays regarding domestic violence.

sibling violence 

According to Anahad O'Connor, writer of When the Bully Is a Sibling, "New research suggests that even when there are no physical scars, aggression between siblings can inflict psychological wounds as damaging as the anguish caused by bullies at school or on the playground." He explains that although rivalries between siblings are common, the line between healthy competition is crossed when one sibling is constantly the victim of aggression by another sibling, which is intended to cause harm and humiliation.

teen dating violence

Dear Oliviawritten by Beth Morrison, is a letter to an 8 year-old girl with an explanation of what love is. Morrison explains the hardships of loving someone as opposed to the actions that don't represent love--violence and abuse. She explains the importance of sharing correct information with young people to help prevent them from being in abusive relationships. Morrison makes it clear that it is  okay to let young people know that violence is never acceptable.


Are you being stalked? by Kim S. discusses how to identify if you are being stalked, and what to do if you are. (added 1/28/05)

abused men

How many know... is a two-page list of information on battered men, by David Fontes. 

Violence Knows No Gender, by Bill Kuhl. "Domestic violence against men is the subject of my graduate thesis. From my research, I have come to realize that, despite the increased media attention it has received lately, people still know very little about this form of abuse - especially two of its most common components." (added 11/26/01) 

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