abusedmen Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
by Philip W. Cook
Praeger Publishers 1997
Westport, CT
ISBN: 0-275-95862-0
Amazon's summary: "When most people think of domestic violence, images of battered women or abused children come to mind. But there is another side to this issue that is not as familiar--abused men. This unique book is the first to comprehensively examine this important but neglected social issue. Already praised by a diverse spectrum of readers--from "Dear Abby's" Abigail Van Buren, to the nation's leading domestic violence researcher, to those in law enforcement and counseling--this work is sure to spark controversy and discussion. It offers gripping, emotional stories, self-help for victims, and provocative insight into public issues, and provides a basic reference source for professionals. Abused Men presents practical solutions for reducing domestic violence, whether its victims are male or female."

A website with more information about the book is located at: http://www.abusedmen.com