reclaimingyourlife Reclaiming Your Life: the Gay Man's Guide to Love, Self-Acceptance, and Trust, by Rik Isensee. One reader on Amazon reviewed the book as so: "This book was formerly titled "Growing Up Gay in a Dysfunctional Family: a Guide for Gay Men Reclaiming Their Lives". The author goes very indepth in describing the makeup of abusive, homophobic families and the impact it has on a gay child growing up. While I myself did not grow up in this type of environment, I still learned a great deal about my own reactions to outside homophobia and that for years I internalized it and developed negative thinking patterns about myself; etc. I thank the author for writing this book, not only for helping me identify problems I needed to work through, but for helping me realize how to develope the skills needed to self nurture and stop internalizing homophobia. Above all, this book is especially relevant to abuse survivors, it will definitely help you."